Council News

L.I. Ducks Baseball Game

Enjoy a day at the ball park. We are organizing a social event for a LI Ducks baseball game. Tickets are $15 each. The game date is Friday July 23 2022, with a 6:35 pm start time. It’s fireworks evening. If you are interested in attending, please leave an envelope with your name, telephone number and number of tickets requested, […]

2022-23 Council Officer Election

Good Shepherd Council Officer Elections to be held Thursday, May 19, 2022 Your vote matters… Please exercise your responsibility in voting during this year’s council elections. It helps shape the current and future direction of our council. We hope to see you at our the elections, which will be held at our next business meeting on May 19th 2022 @ […]

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sundown tonight (04/27) starts Holocaust Remembrance Day. We need to remember those lost in the Holocaust and those lost in other genocides, like the Armenian and Rwandan, like those who suffer today.
We should always remember.