June 2015 Grand Knight Message

Since this is one of the last heralds of the year I wanted to personally thank a few of our brothers who went out of their way to help the council and me this year.

  • John Leonardo for keeping me going and providing anything I needed many times before I even realized I needed it.
  • Tom Haberkorn for handling the Saint Patrick’s Day Party, which was the one fundraiser I was able to be mostly hands off with once he took it over.
  • Nick Guarino for his help getting prizes for the Chinese auction and for always being ready to help with whatever needs to be done.
  • John Rein for helping to get prizes for the chinese auction as well and for taking care of a lot of the councils related stuff so I didn’t have to.
  • Fred Flad for taking care of our membership and attending all of the degrees with our candidates.
  • Bill Mueller for his donations to the chinese auction and always helping out whenever I asked for help. He also has done a wonderful job with the herald.
  • Don Urbanski for running the most successful free throw contest this council has had in years.
  • James Turansky for storing and laying out the money for our Keep Christ in Christmas.
  • Phil Portanova for handling our scholarship.
  • Fr. Jim Shelton for being liaison with the church and going out of his way to help the council anyway he could.

If I missed anyone I am sorry. It was a rough year but we made it. I hope that we are able to make it through this coming year and that we are able to grow this council to a health size so everything isn’t so difficult.

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December 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

Brothers, I am happy to say that the decision made at our last business meeting was to fight to keep the council going. At that meeting I presented a plan with some ideas on how we can save the council.

The first area I think we need to focus on is improving our financials. We are already off to a great start after a very successful Keep Christ in Christmas Sale which far exceed last year’s income. If our other previously planned fundraiser our Saint Patrick’s Day Party is also a success we will be in good shape.

We also are working on two new events, a Golf outing and a Chinese Auction. With those two events I am going we will increase the cushion we will need to afford to keep the council going.

Another area which I think the council needs to focus on is membership involvement. We have lots of members but very few have been willing to help out. Some brothers have stepped up but if we are going to continue to survive we are going to need even more help. So we are going to send out a survey to all of our members in a few weeks to try and found out what we can do to get more people active. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

The other way I am hoping to get more help is through recruiting new members. We need to find young members who are willing to be active and are interested in being officers in the council.

I think if we are able to accomplish all of these tasks even partially we should be in good shape to keep the council going.

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October 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

Once again it is time to install our council officers, and it is also the perfect time to talk about volunteering.  Every organization out there is hurting for volunteers. People just don’t seem to have the time to volunteer anymore. With our council we have a lot of people who are willing to help work an event, but it is very hard to find people who are willing to plan and run an event.

Every year it gets harder and harder to fill all of the council officer positions.  This year we found ourselves without a Deputy Grand Knight at the very last minute.  Luckily John Leonardo PGK FDD FCB stepped up to cover the position for one year.

I know I have said it many times before but it is starting to become a very serious problem, if this council is going to survive we need people to step up and become officers.  This council has a lot of great members who are willing to give a hand but what we are missing is people who are willing to take the ball and become leaders.

This month we started planning the Knight’s October 25th Halloween Party which we will be doing with the Women’s Auxiliary.  This is going to be a costume party which will be targeted towards families and should be a good time.  We are looking for people to volunteer and help with the setup and cooking.  If anyone is interested please contact me.

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May 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

My Brother Knights, I have been busy working out our schedule for the upcoming year.  I was hoping to have it in this Herald this month but I can’t confirm the dates with the church yet.  Once I do I will send out a special email to all of the members and I will post it on our website.  Once the list is posted I will be asking for members to join committees to plan out these events, so if you anyone is interested in working on an event please let me know. We have a lot of great events we are planning for the upcoming year. As I said in my message last month the focus this year is on Social events and I think it will be a fun and active year for the council.  With the wide variety of events we are planning this year, I think every member will find something they are interested in doing.  So even if you have not come to anything in a while please feel free to join us at any events we are doing, everyone is always welcome. At our last business meeting it was voted that we officially change our meeting day to the Third Thursday.  Since this requires us to change our bylaws this is a process and can’t just be changed on the fly.  This coming month we will be meeting on the third Thursday (May 15th), but to make the change official we need to have a vote at our a business meeting after notice has been given of the change.  That vote will be at the business meeting on June 10th.  Anyone interested should feel free to come down to that meeting.  I plan on putting together a committee to review the bylaws and possibly propose any other changes which we may want to make at the same time.

Nick Hernandez
Grand Knight

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April 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

Membership, membership, membership without it we can’t do our wonderful works and have a healthy successful council. While at the same time it is time consuming and hard work to recruit new members.

Growing our numbers had been my focus for this year and I believe all of our efforts have really paid off.

This is in no small part due to the efforts of our Membership Director Fred Flad. He has been working hard reaching out to our members both new and old, to bringing them to our meetings. I believe his effort has lead directly to the increase in meeting attendance that we have been seeing recently.

Not only has our meeting attendance gone up, but many of our brothers have stepped up to volunteer to help organize and run our events. This has made it much easier to run our past couple of events.

This past month we tried a Thursday night meeting which brought in even more brothers. On May 15th at 8 pm we will be trying a Thursday night meeting once again and if that one works out as well then we will move to Thursdays permanently.

We also had three new brothers, Vincent Messina, Edward Pastel, and John Chanda start their journey in the Knights of Columbus this month. I look forward to working with them and implementing some of the great ideas they have already brought to the council.

Now that we have gained active members and I believe we are in much better shape, my next goal is going to be to improve the council’s financial and social health.

I plan on creating committees for all future events to divide the work up and make out events even more successful.

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