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Welcome to the Good Shepherd Knight’s of Columbus website.  Here you will see messages from me and past Grand Knights.

Thank You

Thank you to all the Knights that helped out at the Craft Fair this past weekend. I appreciate the effort to help set up, put away and sell raffle tickets.

The Craft Fair raised over $15,000 for the church thanks to the many volunteers under the leadership of Ann Hernandez. Well done!

Ray Kleppan
Grand Knight

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Knights In Need

If anyone knows of a Knight or parishioner of Good Shepherd who was adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact the new Grand Knight, Ray Kleppan, at The Good Shepherd Council is here to help.

We Knights are challenged to take this moment as an opportunity to “deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity, unity and fraternity.”

God bless,
Ray Kleppan
Grand Knight             

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August 2015 Grand Knight Message

My Brother Knights,

I would like to invite all brother knights to attend our business meetings on the third Thursday of the month.
Your involvement will enable the council to preform greater charity acts and meet with old and new friends.
At our business meeting in September we are having the installation of officers.

We plan to be a part of the Holbrook Fair on August 15th if you go to the fair please look for us. We are
planning to have an Italian night in October of this year. Tickets for Italian night will go on sale in September.
We will have the cost and dates firmed up by the time of our next Herald. The last Italian night was a great
success and we received many complements from people who attended the event. I am sure this dance will also
be a great success.

I am going to keep the letter short I hope to see you all at our next meeting.

John Rein
Grand Knight

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July 2015 Grand Knight Message

My Brother Knights,
We received an email from Tom Borruso saying he received unexpected
news from his lung surgeon – the PET scan he took shows cancer in his back
(lung area), liver and pelvis. The oncologist is setting him up for radiology
treatment for one of the three and in three weeks they will get together to
discuss treatment of the other two spots. Tom said “He (the oncologist)
indicates that these are not curable but I’m not buying that yet – it’s time to ask
Fr. McGivney for another miracle”, please remember Tom and Barbara in your
As you all know by now Nick Hernandez due to family issues was unable to run
for Grand Knight. My plans are to hold the position of Grand Knight for one
year until other brother knights are able to assume the position. Thanks go to
Rich Erario for assuming the position of Deputy Grand Knight. Rich is a
charter member of the Good Shepherd Council. Thanks go to all the brothers
who took officers positions in the council.
The summer is a slow time and most members are taking well deserved
vacations. The schedule for the coming year has not been finalized; our next
large event will be the Italian night in October. The Holbrook Fair is scheduled
for August 13-16, 2015 and we hope to run a food drive in the fall.
Please come down to our business meetings on the third Thursday of the
month in fellowship hall at Good Shepherd Church.
John Rein
Grand Knight

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June 2015 Grand Knight Message

Since this is one of the last heralds of the year I wanted to personally thank a few of our brothers who went out of their way to help the council and me this year.

  • John Leonardo for keeping me going and providing anything I needed many times before I even realized I needed it.
  • Tom Haberkorn for handling the Saint Patrick’s Day Party, which was the one fundraiser I was able to be mostly hands off with once he took it over.
  • Nick Guarino for his help getting prizes for the Chinese auction and for always being ready to help with whatever needs to be done.
  • John Rein for helping to get prizes for the chinese auction as well and for taking care of a lot of the councils related stuff so I didn’t have to.
  • Fred Flad for taking care of our membership and attending all of the degrees with our candidates.
  • Bill Mueller for his donations to the chinese auction and always helping out whenever I asked for help. He also has done a wonderful job with the herald.
  • Don Urbanski for running the most successful free throw contest this council has had in years.
  • James Turansky for storing and laying out the money for our Keep Christ in Christmas.
  • Phil Portanova for handling our scholarship.
  • Fr. Jim Shelton for being liaison with the church and going out of his way to help the council anyway he could.

If I missed anyone I am sorry. It was a rough year but we made it. I hope that we are able to make it through this coming year and that we are able to grow this council to a health size so everything isn’t so difficult.

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